Expert Answer: Process values Smar LD300

Hey there! Unfortunately, the LD300 series has no local adjustment on its display. However, there is the possibility to change it via the magnetic tool and the Zero and Span system. I have to warn you in advance, this procedure is very manual and not at all intuitive. Therefore, if you have a handheld it would be easier. But if you don’t have a field communicator at hand let’s dig into how to do it the hard way.

Set Up

First of all, you will have to check the jumpers on your main board of your device. I told you it would be easier with a handheld, but let’s keep going. Once you have access to your mainboard you should see two sets of jumpers. These local adjustment jumpers enable or disable the ‘simple’ and ‘complete local adjustments’.

Jumper on Board LD300
Courtesy of Smar

When you get to those jumpers you will have to set them to ‘complete local adjustment’ on. You can see how to do it in the table below.

Table Jumper LD300
Courtesy of Smar

With your device set to ‘complete local adjustment’ on, now it is time to grab your magnetic tool and surf through the configurations of the LD300. On the top of your device is the local ‘Zero’ and ‘Span’ adjustment holes. These holes are the ones you will use to navigate through the menu. In the complete local adjustment mode, the Zero should move along the options and the Span should activate the function showed in your display. If no option appears you probably set your jumpers wrong. So simply go back and give them a quick check.

If you set up your jumpers correctly the first option that should come up in your display (if the PID is not activated) is CONF, which means configuration. Select CONF using the magnetic tool in the Span hole. Now you have entered a second set of options. Navigate the options and find the RANGE. When you do so, hit the Span hole and the first option should be UNIT. Next hit Span again to select. Now we can finally see the list of units available. Hit Zero until you get to your desired unit and hit Span again. That’s it! Now you can exit the local configuration by selecting the ESC function three times.

Well, I personally think using a handheld would be a whole lot easier. But maybe thats just me? Configuring devices locally is pretty tedious but try to have some fun!

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