Expert’s answer: PROFIBUS cost of investment

The PROFIBUS cost of investment will vary from application to application, so we can’t give you a standard formula. But overall, going digital will demand a lower investment than an analog setup. For digital, you only need a single cable to connect all devices across the plant, saving you plenty in engineering, design and installation costs.

An analog solution, on the other hand, needs a lot of signal cables and multi-cables to connect everything. Also, the field panel will need more design and engineering. Furthermore, the field devices will provide less data on the process conditions. This means you’ll spend more time in the commissioning, start up and daily maintenance.

PROFIBUS cost of investment
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The PROFIBUS offer a simple network design, because you have only one cable to connect all field devices, and a simple junction box instead of the traditional field panel.

Best of all, every scrap of your field data will come to you instead of you going to it. These features will improve your maintenance process, taking you from a corrective stance to a predictive one. That means you’ll stop problems before they start.

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