Expert’s answer: Is PROFIBUS DP/PA remote configuration possible?

So, a question about PROFIBUS DP/PA remote configuration. Interesting!

The answer is: Of course you can. Let me explain. In PROFIBUS, we can have two masters; the class 1 master communicates actively with configured slaves (devices) and passively with a class 2 master. The class 2 master works as a supervisor, exchanging data with the class 1 and its slaves.


You have a class 1 master, and you can apply a class 2 if you like. You can also buy field gates to provide a remote access to a class 2 master. Depending on your needs, you can choose a gate with network diagnostics and remote access or remote access and field diagnostics.

So the entire solution will combine a field gate with a plant asset management system for remote access. If you don’t have a PAM system you can get diagnostics from the web browser, but not the remote configuration.

Where can you get more information about your PROFIBUS network?

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