The PROFIBUS DP  communication protocoloffers high-speed communication between systems and decentralized devices. It uses cables based on the RS-485 standard or optical fibre. Nearly 90 percent of the slaves on  PROFIBUS networks operate from PROFIBUS DP.

On the other hand, the PROFIBUS PA connects field devices and control systems in hazardous areas, like those with explosive gas. The PROFIBUS PA allows all the field data to travel on the same pair of cables. It also keeps the devices loop-powered, to reduce currents that could set off explosions.

You can check out SMT70 in our shop that supports PROFIBUS. SMT70 is a tablet PC designed as a complete solution that comes with pre-installed driver libraries. It is an easy-to-use, touch-enabled tool, which can be used to manage field instruments during their entire life cycle.

Field Xpert SMT70 Universal and high-performance tablet PC for device configuration
in the shop from 6861 €

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