Expert’s answer: How to integrate a Promag 100 into EtherNet/IP

The Promag 100 should have Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). That means that when you integrate a Promag 100 into EtherNet/IP network, the flow meter will assume an IP address.

You also need the Electronic Data Sheets (EDS) file to integrate the flow meter into the control system. The flow meter should already have the file. But if you need to download it, then you can do that through the control system or web browser.

You must have the EDS file to see all your variables and diagnostics and to send them into the control system!

This YouTube video will show you how to integrate the Promass 83, and you can use the same procedure for your Promag 100:

Flow meters EtherNet/IP on the market:

Converter to EtherNet/IP on the market:

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