Expert’s answer: Are there different Promag 400 damping options?

Yup, you have two types of Promag 400 damping options. The Promag 400 goes camping – I mean, has damping on the flow meter output and the local display.

Now before you go playing around with that stuff, you should check out what’s going on. If you have a tech jockey calling a variance, then of course you should look into it.

Promag 400 damping options
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

If you have a small fluctuation, a small adjustment to smooth it out should be fine. On the other hand, tweaking the damping won’t solve a real process problem. If it goes way out to the “Abby Normal” side of things, drop the damping and fix the problem!

Anyway, back to your question. Your display damping changes the reaction time to fluctuations in your measured values. And your output damping solves fluctuations in the output of your flow meter. Good? Good.

Magmeter on the market:

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