Expert’s answer: Can you do a Promag 400 loop test with the display?

You’d think that a Promag 400 loop test would be simple. Just look it up in the manual, right? Except for some reason the Endress+Hauser manual calls the loop test a simulation! Come on, E+H! Everyone else says output! Why you gotta be difficult?

Promag 400 loop test
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

As soon as you grasp the special terminology for your procedure, you can follow these steps to simulate the current output:

  • Menu > Diagnostic > Simulation > Simulation current output

You can simulate a bunch of other stuff too, like your process values and whatnot. And luckily, you can find all those options in this here menu. So go for it! Start simulating!

Magmeter on the market:

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