Promass F 200

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Let’s talk about Promass F 200.

Yup, size matters! In this case, anyway. Sadly, most companies still limit the size of the measurement tube for two-wire Coriolis meters. The Promass F 200 falls in that category.  You have to have a nominal diameter between ³⁄₈ inch and 3 inches. Get out your measuring sticks, gang!

Still, you shouldn’t pick your meter based on the diameter of your pipe. Depend on the info you need, you can have a flow meter smaller than your pipe.

Promass F 200
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

You should use the application tool to check the best size for your application. The tool will show you meters with the best accuracy and least pressure drop.

If you have more questions about applying the right solution for your application, then you’d better contact the sales center in your region. They want your meter to work. Random people on the internet might just want to troll you.

Coriolis 2 wires on the market:

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