Expert’s answer: Smart wireless gateway 1420

Hey, sure we can tell you! Let’s give you an overview about the gateway first. A little background info, if you will, to help you consider if you want to compare more wireless gateways on the market.

Smart wireless gateway 1420

The wireless gateway 1420 from Emerson Automation Solutions can support up to 100 devices.  However, knowing the update rate is important to scale out the number of devices it can support at once.

Smart wireless gateway 1420
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

For example, maybe you can only have 12, input only devices working in 1 second.  Emerson even has a tool you can use to check which of your devices you can support at once. You can reach Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateway Capacity Estimator by clicking here.


When we talk about protocols, this gateway brings you lots of options. You can integrate the smart wireless gateway 1420 using the Modbus RTU. There is also the option for the Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, Ethernet/IP and so on. These options guarantee a broad range of applications on the market.

Smart wireless gateway 1420
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

That’s not to say there aren’t a maybe a few applications where you need a different protocol… But in general, it’s no big deal. Going deeper in 1420, all configuration can be done using the web server already integrated into the gateway.

Web Server

The new design of the web server creates a valuable user experience. You can easily navigate the menus without the needing to have a special software to setup the wireless network.

Although, if you want to access the field device remote, there is an extra step. You need to have a Plant Asset Management System. This is where you can set up, see Diagnostic and more from your field devices in general.

In Conclusion

In general, the smart wireless gateway 1420 brings good protocols and features for your daily use. However, if you don’t need approvals and an external install you can use the wireless gateway model 1410.

Below you have more info about the Smart Wireless Gateway 1420:

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