The FieldXpert is a handheld used to setup HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices. You will need to have an external power supply if you want to communicate with the device and your workstation.  Depending on your requirements the FieldXpert can be a viable option for you.

Further, by using Bluetooth Hart interface you can communicate between the field communicator and the field device. The velocity of communication is a little bit slower than other field communicators, but in my opinion, this is not a huge problem.

The FieldXpert runs on a Windows platform. However, the operating system is a bit different than other handhelds on the market. You have the freedom to install new apps, read the manual, view maps, take pictures and so on.

One feature I would like to highlight is the favorite folder. You can save your most important functions in that folder. This way you don’t need to lose time navigating through the menu. Everything you need will be available there!

In conclusion, FieldXpert 350 is a robust device, with good features. The freedom to install new apps allows you to do more than only setup devices. If these are the features you are looking for, the FieldXpert 350 can be a good option for you.

However, there is an updated version of this product: SMT70. You can also read more about this in the Visaya Product Review

Field Xpert SMT70 Universal and high-performance tablet PC for device configuration
in the shop from 4786€

You can also dive in more in this video below. to know more about such products, get in touch with our engineers!

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