When choosing a flow meter for beer flow measurement, like with any food and beverage application, the most important question is, do they have proper hygienic certifications. The second question is, how accurately you need to measure the flow of beer. Keeping these criteria in mind, there are a number of measuring principles to choose from.

Beer flow meter types

Electromagnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic flow meters cost relatively little, so in most cases, they will be the best choice. You can find electromagnetic devices with good accuracy, easy setup, and standardized output for smooth integration.

The Picomag from Endress+Hauser, for example, is a reliable and cost-efficient choice that has all the certifications required for food and beverage flow measurement.

image of Picomag of Endress+Hauser
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Other options

If you want a bit more accuracy and don’t mind spending more, a Coriolis flow meter is also a good option, these ones for example. You’ll not only get better accuracy but also fewer installation requirements, and the only downside is the higher cost.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Later, you can integrate all your data into an HMI  and then save it, create batches, and so on. Furthermore, you can show the interface to people – investors, drinkers, whoever – so they understand more about the process and the consumption of beer in each tap.

Are you interested to learn more ? Then here we go. You could check the video and learn more.

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