Expert’s answer: How to measure brewpub beer flow

What a fantastic application! After you add your devices, you could toss in some human-machine interface (HMI) to engage your visitors. Well, at least the engineers in your clientele would love it.

Jokes aside, for beer flow measurement a bunch of flow meters can fit without issue. Of course, you need to make sure you have the proper certifications and accuracy necessary for your application. After all, you definitely must use a device approved to work in food and beverage companies.

You didn’t drop your process data, or I could’ve sized a flow meter to fit your application. But luckily for you, I can still tell you the possibilities on the market.


First choice: low-cost magmeter

In this case, I believe that low-cost devices make the best options. You can find flow meters with good accuracy, easy setup, and standardized output for smooth integration.

For instance, a budget magnetic flow meter would probably quench your thirst. Endress+Hauser just launched the new Picomag, and the crew from IFM offers a similar solution.

image of Picomag of Endress+Hauser
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Additional options

If you want a bit more accuracy and feel pretty flush (make sure that’s not the beer talking), then you can pick a Coriolis flow meter. You’ll not only get better accuracy but also fewer installation requirements. On the downside, it costs more than a magmeter.

If that doesn’t float your brewboat, then maybe check out a vortex flow meter or ultrasonic flow meter. If you share your process data, I can scale out a nice meter for you.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Later, you can integrate all your data into an HMI  and then save it, create batches, and so on. Furthermore, you can show the interface to people – investors, drinkers, whoever – so they understand more about the process and the consumption of beer in each tap. It’s a nice idea, huh?


To the right of this post, you can see our device page. That’ll give you more options that might help your application. And these articles will tell you more about flow measurement in general. Good luck and cheers!

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Are you interested to learn more ? Then here we go. You could check the video and learn more.

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