Expert’s answer: VEGAPULS 61 radar interference

First of all, you need to make sure the installation conforms to VEGA’s requirements. This is because it can directly cause the VEGAPULS 61 radar interference and affect the level measurement.

Once you’ve confirmed the installation, you can use different tools to diagnose the problem.  And depending on the model, your device may have  Bluetooth built in, which can help! Below you have a list of possibilities to check the configuration:

  • Computer with Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager software
  • Control system with Electronic Device Description Language
  • Display
  • Vegatools app by smartphone

So review the basic setup of the device, because sometimes someone changes the configuration or you miss data about the tank and process. After that, you can check the diagnostics and read the echo curve. The echo curve will allow you to diagnose possible buildup problems or internal interference in the tank.

So all this information should help you isolate the cause of your problem. Best of luck with it!

Want more information? If so, here are radars on the market:

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