Expert’s answer: Radar level transmitter for low dielectric

Yes, you can use a radar level transmitter for low dielectric! But which one? Ah, therein lies the dilemma. To guide your decision, you need to nail down the process details.

For instance, “below 3” gets you started in the right direction, but you need to know your specific dielectric constant value to pick the right device for your process. The FMR 10 from Endress+Hauser requires a minimum dielectric constant (DC) of 4. However, this device falls on the “cost-effective” end of the quality scale.

Radar level transmitter for low dielectric
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

If you review the VEGAPULS 64, then you’ll find that you can have a value of 1.6 if you have the device installed in a bypass or surge pipe. This means you’ll need to review your setup as well. You also have to check your tank specs. If you have vapor or foam on your product, then those conditions can affect your measurements too.

You see? You have many factors to review besides your dielectric constant. Once you have all these details gathered up, you can review the available devices on the market and see which will suit your process best.


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