Expert’s Answer: MCS-XV

The quick answer would be: Yes it can. However, we like to explain how things work here. Sooooo we are gonna show you how it’s done. Let’s get down to business!


The MCS-XV is a calibrator. Not only can it read a bunch of types of signals but it can also generate the same signals that it reads. You will be able to use it to generate mA signals. Not only that, but also frequency/pulse, Volts or mV and Ohm/RTD with 2,3 or 4 wires. Moreover, it can work with a power supply of 24V. Pretty nice, isn’t it? Ok, but how exactly does it do it?

Presys MCS-XV
Courtesy of Presys

How it Works

Basically, the connections you have on the input side of the calibrator for reading, you also have in the Output area. For this article, we are going to focus on the 4-20mA signal. Don’t worry we have more articles that explain other types of connections. If you are interested in another one you can always just search for it. If we haven’t written about it yet, just leave us a note in the comments and we will cover it for you.

4-20mA Signal

Let’s start by reading the signal. For an mA reading, you can start by simply connecting the negative terminal of your transmitter in the GND input. Next connect the positive terminal to the mA (+) input of your MCS-XV. This is possible because the calibrator has an internal resistance built in. We have a few articles on Hart connections. Feel free to check them out here.

Next, let’s move onto generating signals. Here you have two connection options. You can either generate mA in an active or passive mode. For the active mode, you should connect the positive terminal to the mA (+) output and the negative to the mA (-). Pretty straight forward…

For the passive mode, keep in mind you have an external power supply. You should connect the positive terminal to the mA (-) output port and the negative terminal to the GND output.

Lastly, you will want to select the value of the signal being generated. To do so, go ahead and select the Calibrator menu in the Home Screen. Here you can choose the type of signal and value.

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