Of course, we can! You definitely need temperature measurement on a milk tank to ensure the quality of your product. And you’ll need your sensor to verify that milk temperature constantly and accurately.

But you’re right when you said you don’t need to replace your transmitter to get a remote display. You didn’t mention the output of your field device, but let’s go with analog/HART, as that’s pretty popular in this type of process.

You can find a bunch of universal displays on the market to fit this scenario. I’ll give you some options I found with some technical details, plus a list of other possibilities.

How do I install a display in my loop?

If you have an analog device, then you can install a display to read the analog signal as a current meter, and some of them can translate the signal to the measurement range. Now, if you have HART, then some displays can work as master 1 or 2, reading the HART variables and showing them to the operator.

Even if you’re using digital communication, you can still find local displays to read your milk temperature. You’ll have a smaller range of options than you would with analog, but you can find some good choices.

I found a few random examples on the internet, with simple descriptions of their features:

DX2041- IFM

This universal display from IFM can receive two analog inputs, such as 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, and -10-10 volts. The DX2041 can power up with alternating current (115-230 AC) or direct (18-30 DC).  Its compact size makes it easy to find a spot to install it. Of course, you can find more options from IFM if you need a display with more features.

RIA 15 – Endress+Hauser

The RIA 15 is a loop-powered display from Endress+Hauser. Here, you don’t need an external power supply, as the loop can power it up. But check the specs before installing it because it has minimum requirements.

Beyond that, the display has a single input, where you can read analog or HART. Moreover, you can install it on a panel or buy it with field housing.

RIA15 Loop-powered indicator for 4...20 mA or HART®
in the shop from 163€

You can read the RIA15 product review here.

N1540 – Novus

The N1540 from Novus can connect to various thermocouples, Pt 100, and analog devices with voltage and current output. It powers up with 100 -240 AC/DC volts, but you have options for 12 to 24 VAC/DC and RS485 Modbus RTU serial communication. It has lots of features that you can read about here.

Image for N1540 Novus
Image courtesy of novusautomation.com

One of these devices should help your operators read the milk temperature on your tank remotely. If you have any other questions, then we’re always ready to answer!

To read more about the various loop indicators available in the market, you can read our Product Comparison on Loop Indicators here.

To know more about such products, you can get n touch with our engineers!

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