Expert answer: Rosemount 3051TG manual

Hello there! Lost your Rosemount 3051TG manual? Let’s break this down, yes, all the names and terms get confusing. So many people end up lost when they want information about specific devices. Therefore, let’s break down what 3051TG means.

When you buy a transmitter, the vendor will offer a base model, along with options to make the device fit your application better. These options go from protocols to measuring ranges, installation types to approvals, and so on. In this case, we have the Rosemount 3051, a pressure transmitter, as the base model.

Rosemount 3051TG manual
Courtesy of Emerson

The T after the model number means that this device operates in line – you can connect it quickly to a process for a fairly low cost. The G stands for “gauge,” which means that the low-pressure chamber of your sensing cell opens to the atmosphere. If you want to know more about gauge devices, you can check out this link.

Now, back to your question! The Rosemount 3051TG manual is very similar to the standard 3051 so it will cover your 3051TG in a worst-case scenario. If you lost your copy, then you can find another here. If you want to see more about the various 3051 models, then check out the datasheet here. Hope that helps!

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