Answer: Set up new level range Smar LD300

Hey there! Before you get to the device configuration itself you should have the values calculated. The calculation will depend on your setup. We have several articles explaining how to do the calcs in both open and closed tanks.

Once all the math is done, it is time to configure your Smar LD300 to the new conditions. There are two ways to do it. The first way is with the local configuration. There is also the option to use a field communicator. This can be a matter of preference or maybe you don’t have a handheld available. Nonetheless, I will explain both ways so you can choose which one fits you better. In both cases, all we need to do is set our Upper Range Value (URV) and Lower Range Value (LRV).

Local Configuration

So let’s start with the local configuration. The first thing you need to do is take a look at the electronic part in the mainboard of the device. Is it set to simple or complete local adjustment? Your answer will change the set up process, but only a little bit.

The difference is that in the simple configuration you must have a reference. Which means you have to apply the pressure value and save it on your device. In the complete local adjustment, you can configure by just setting the numbers. To cover both methods I will show how to do it with reference in the simple local adjustment mode and without reference in the handheld.

With your device set as simple local adjustment, it is time to grab your magnetic tool in order to set your new upper and lower range values. To set your LRV it is quite simple. First, apply the Lower Value pressure. You have to wait for the pressure to stabilize before you insert the magnetic tool. Place the magnetic tool in the Zero slot on the top of your device. Wait 2 seconds and soon the transmitter should be reading 4mA. After that simply remove the magnetic tool.

To set the URV just repeat the procedure above but this time with the Upper Value pressure applied and inserting the magnetic tool in the Span hole instead of the Zero. Wait around 2 seconds and the device should read 20mA now. That’s it!

Hand Held

Now onto the easiest way, through your handheld without needing to apply the pressure as a reference. I will use the Menu Tree based on the Device Description (DD). After selecting the Smar LD301, which is the Smar LD300 with HART communication, you should find the configuration tab. Inside the configuration tab you will see a Range option. In this Range menu there is a Configure Range option as well. If you select it you should be able to choose between Without Reference, Low with Reference, or Up with Reference. Once you set the new values your device will be ready to go for you to use!



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