Expert’s answer: Siemens Transmag 2

Yes, indeed, and you should too! When in doubt, read the manual for your Siemens Transmag 2. You can’t go wrong with the Word of God, your Siemens bible in this case. You’ll find enlightenment in the SITRANS FM Transmag 2 manual. For instance, your reference coil? It lives between X55 and X66. As for the coil resistance, you gotta have digits between 0.5 to 3.0 ohms.

Siemens Transmag 2
Siemens SITRANS FM Transmag 2

And if you need more information that you can’t locate in the manual, get in touch with your friendly neighborhood Siemens representative. He wants to keep your business, so he’ll dish everything he knows about your Siemens Transmag 2 device. Now get those coils straightened out! (Not literally, of course. You’ll ruin your device.)

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