Expert’s answer: Recommended stainless steel turbine with mechanical counter?

Stainless steel turbine with mechanical counter needed, eh? Yup yup! The market has a huuuge range of turbines for water measurement! (Google seems to really like GPI, but that may be clever keyword-stuffing. Dunno.) Most of them will get you going because water measurement is totes easy. But! As always, your mileage may vary. If you have harsh water, you may need a super-sturdy flow meter.

Stainless steel turbine with mechanical counter
Turbine flow meter

I gotta tell ya, though, that a mechanical flow meter has a disadvantage compared to a magmeter. The turbine’ll be cheaper, sure. But if you have solids in your water, they’ll aggro the sensor. You may have to call a tech for maintenance on the regular. Heck, you may even have to buy another meter if your water’s extra chunky.

Wireless Totalizing Transmitter
Wireless totalizing transmitter

As for your mechanical counter, most turbines have ’em, but ask yourself this: Who wants to walk out and check a mechanical counter instead of using an electronic indicator to check the flow remotely? If you don’t already have a system to collect your field data, I totally rec a wireless solution. Tons of options on the market that’ll work with your standard turbine, delivering all that data right to your desk. So, you have to decide if it’s really a stainless steel turbine with mechanical counter that you’re looking for!

These guys want to sell you the turbine flow meter of your dreams:

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