Expert’s answer: How to implement a differential pressure flow transmitter to steam flow measurement

When you have a steam flow measurement, you cannot implement a standard differential pressure transmitter. The application requires compensation and measurement that usually a standard differential pressure transmitter doesn’t have.

A Multivariable transmitter is the differential pressure transmitter for a steam flow measurement. The instrument has a differential pressure, static pressure and temperature compensation. This information is important to give you an accurate flow measurement if you want to have a steam flow measurement using a standard differential pressure transmitter.

You have to have two more devices at least. These are another static pressure transmitter and a temperature transmitter. You should do the entire calculation of compensation directly in the control system.

However, the setting up of this kind of device is kind of complicated. Most of the time you need specific software that guides you through the whole setup.  Moreover, you’ll need a license for access and the interface for most of the software and it needs to be set up in a field transmitter.

Nowadays, you have different options for the steam flow application. There are good vortex flow meters on the market. But both software have pros and cons and you need to check what solution can be best implemented in your steam application.

Below you have a list of Multivariable flow meters on the market:

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