Expert’s answer: Storage tank level indicator

If you’re looking for a storage tank level indicator, you’re in luck. A broad range of solutions exists to give good level accuracy. But we need to establish your needs first. To start with, you need to verify the value of the dielectric constant of your products. For that, you can invite vendors in to help or use a smartphone app you can find online. Most apps come with an extensive list of the dielectric constant for different products.

Storage tank level indicator
Non-contact radar (copyright VEGA)

You also need to know the type of the tank you have, because your tank specs will dictate the type and size of the device you use as well as its location in the tank.

Radar installation (copyright Endress+Hauser)

You could use a radar device for your application; other companies have used them similarly to good effect. Using the Endress+Hauser DC values app, I found that your solvent has a dielectric constant of around 18, and ethyl acetate varies from 2.5 to 6.

Because of your viscous material, you may want to avoid the guided wave radar. Try the free space radar instead, as it won’t have contact with the product. However, remember to check your tank conditions; the free space radar requires specific conditions that can affect the level accuracy.

Wireless Radar
Wireless radar – (copyright Emerson)

If you don’t have to deal with density changes, you could consider a differential pressure transmitter as a cheaper alternative.

I suggest the radar for its easy installation and fast configuration. It should keep your application fairly safe from overflow.

This is a short list of radar devices on the market:

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