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You can set up the SWA70 endress adapter pretty easily, but it might take a little longer if you’ve never done it before. First of all, you need to make sure you have a HART transmitter. Even if it’s 4-20 mA, the SWA70 will still work.

As soon as you have the correct installation, you can go for the configuration. The SWA70 endress offers different types, depending on whether your device is loop-powered or four wire, with or without a resistor. But you can find the correct one in the manual.

Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

After the installation, you need to search for the connected device. Pay attention here, because if the field devices have different HART addresses  you find the device through the HART address.

If you didn’t find the device, you probably need to change the configuration on the field device power option. Depending on the device, the start-up voltage and time may be higher and may need more setup time.

To make sure you have the best field device power setup, ask your local Endress+Hauser support! Once you have it set properly, go back and scan the device again with the wired communication option. Now, you should find it with no problem.

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