Expert’s answer: Technical Manual – PROMASS Q 500

Yep, I know your exact problem! It can be surprisingly tough to find technical manuals on websites… I think the only greater challenge is to first find the device there, right? I honestly wish I were joking…

New and Improved

The PROMASS Q 500 is part of the new flow portfolio from Endress+Hauser. Thanks to the new version 500 you will now have a remote transmitter rather than a local transmitter.

The remote transmitter is a great solution that gives you remote access to the local display. Now operators can check out process values through the screen. But then again, the compact transmitter appears to be a good option as well. Bear with me while I highlight some of the key features! The new PROMASS Q 500 is an outstanding device with high accuracy and low-pressure drop. Additionally, the performance is optimized for when you have liquid with entrained gas.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Numbers time! The PROMASS Q 500 has a mass flow accuracy in liquids of +- 0.10 percent. Furthermore, the mass flow accuracy is +-35 percent in gas. The mass-premium gives you an accuracy around 0.05 percent for liquids. Lastly, for volume flow, the accuracy in liquids is around 0.10 percent and density is +- 0.2 percent.


I’m gonna link two different manuals from the PROMASS Q 500.

You’re welcome. 🙂

The first one is the technical manual. Not so surprisingly, filled with technical information. This document contains information like the installing requirements, power supply, mechanical construction, operability and so on. The second document is the operation instruction manual. In this manual you will find protocol for using the device. The idea here is the lead you through the device configuration, installation, and operation.

Both documents are online on the Endress+Hauser website. Be that as it may, I know that sometimes it is difficult to find the information there. So we linked you the latest version of the documents for you.

Below you have both documents to download

Video with the Endress+Hauser’s flow portfolio.

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