Expert’s Answer: Technical Manual Smar LD400

Hello! Finding technical manuals can be hard sometimes. Some of the websites from companies are not so easy to navigate through. Even though Smar’s web page is not difficult to surf, you can sometimes get stuck trying to find what you are looking for!

Before I throw in the link to the manual, I will just do a quick overview of the product. Hey! Maybe you won’t even have to go to the manual at all. Let’s see…

The Smar LD400

The Smar LD400 is a differential pressure transmitter with HART communication. Unfortunately, there is no Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA available for this device. For now, you will have to survive with just analog, HART and WirelessHART. The LD400 has a good accuracy of 0.045% and retains a 0.2% of URL stability guaranteed for 12 years. It has a total response time of 35ms. Some other features include: tank linearization for level measurement and PID control capability. Smar LD400 supports DD, EDDL and FDT/DTM.

Courtesy of SMAR

Smar LD400 also has a local configuration option. However, it is not through the display, but rather with the Zero/Span system. In brief, some other features that the LD400 offers are the bi-directional flow measurement and non-polarity power input. Not to mention it provides built-in transient suppression.

You can use this pressure transmitter in different applications. There are even different models for different applications. The models available are for differential pressure,  flow, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, level and sanitary purpose.

Smar also has remote seals for chemical or thermal isolation. These remote seals can be assembled in conjunction with the Smar LD400 for a variety of applications. In detail, the list includes corrosive process fluids, suspended solids or viscous process fluid, process fluids that may freeze or solidify, bubble systems and so on.

Here’s that Link!

We threw a lot of information at ya, but if it is not what you looking for you can check out the technical manual in this link.

On the website, there is also another manual for the DTM for the LD400.

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