In this case, you need to focus less on what type of sensor to use and more on how to use it. Oho, this sounds like another job for wireless.  You have a situation where a standard (wired) solution will need a lot of grunt work from your side to get ‘er done.

iTHERM TM401 Hygienic modular RTD thermometer
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Still, you probably have to keep an eye on your wallet, too. Get out your calculator app and break down not only the costs of the materials but also the costs of the setup and maintenance. Eventually, you will save more pennies or euros or whatever if you go wireless.

If your thermocouple gets your range and accuracy, then you can probably pair it with a wireless transmitter. The wireless will give you updates in seconds, and that should help your bottom line.

iTHERM TM411 Innovative advanced, modular RTD thermometer for use in hygienic and aseptic applications in the Food & Beverages and Life Sciences industries
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