Expert’s answer: Temperature transmitter class T3!

Ouch! Hot, hot, hot! I feel your pain, my friend. Not to worry, though! Actually, you don’t need to install the temperature transmitter  class T3 on the pipe surface. If you buy a remote transmitter, then you can set it anywhere you please, like in a cooler temp that the device can handle.

Temperature transmitter class T3
Temperature Transmitter – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

You can also ask the manufacturer for a heat sink. Get the company to build a long neck between the sensor and the transmitter. Then your electronics will hang out far enough away from the heat to avoid problems. It may look odd, but who cares?

Regardless which route you take, you can find plenty of devices on the market to solve your dilemma on the cheap. Check ’em out!

Temperature transmitters:

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