Expert’s answer: THUM installation

YES, YOU CAN! Yes, you… okay, back to your question. It is possible to install the THUM wireless adapter on a Micro Motion 5700 HART protocol. Though, the THUM cannot provide the energy for the flow meter.

The Micro Motion is a 4-wire device. This means that it has 2 cables for the power supply and 2 more cables for the signal. You will need a local power supply for the meter and THUM. With help of the wireless connection you will receive a digital signal.

There are different ways to install the THUM adapter. You need to know if the field device is either a 2- or 4-wire device and if it is passive or active. The procedure to install is described in the technical manual. Below you see a reference of the THUM installation:

Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

You can see the currently available wireless solutions here:

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