Expert’s answer: Unreliable density reading

So, you’re having an unreliable density reading? Interesting. Let’s verify your setup. If the meter still reads incorrectly afterwards, you should contact support at Emerson.

Micro MotionOkay, to troubleshoot this issue, you need to eliminate errors that could cause or contribute to it. First check the installation, using the CMF300 installation manual or the CMF300 user manual. Make sure you apply the standards for your particular setup.

Next, check for kinks in your system from scale out. If you installed the meter a year ago, then put in another device three weeks ago, the new device may have caused the problem. So always make sure your devices can support or interact with new devices.

Unreliable density reading Installation
The right installation

Finally, try using a diagnostic tool on the CMF300 to check your setup and show error messages. Here, the Micro Motion has software to test the device conditions, Prolink. Depending on your device, you may have the meter verification function, giving you data on the flow meter conditions.

For more information, check out the CMF300 installation manual or user manual. There you should find notes related to density measurement such as these:

  1. Process temperature effect is the change in density accuracy due to temperature change away from the calibration density.
  2. Process pressure effect is the change in flow and density accuracy due to pressure change away from the calibration pressure. This effect can be corrected by dynamic pressure input or a fixed meter factor.

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