Expert’s answer: How to update the Device Description in the AMS Trex Communicator?

Good question! We already have some information about the update procedure but in the AMS Trex manual is not clear the step by step.

Let me give you some important information about the update procedure and how to connect the Trex to your computer. First, I want to remind you that the previous device worked a little differently. You would need to have an easy upgrade license activated just to be able to update your device description‘s files. Otherwise, you couldn’t add new DD’s in your handheld.

No More Easy Upgrade License!

Thankfully, Emerson decided to listen to the users! You no longer need to have the Easy Upgrade License to be able to update your library. Now the license brings an entirely different set of values to the device. But I think I’ll save that information for another post.

Furthermore, the software needed to update the database changed too. Now the software is called Upgrade Studio. Moreover, you can connect the AMS Trex to your AMS suite. By doing so, you can exchange information with your already existing database.

Downloading the Software

If you don’t have the software, you can download it on Emerson’s website. Next step is to contact them and ask for the password. To be honest, this procedure is kinda tedious and take can take a few minutes. So why do they ask for your password? Just to have your email? Probably… In any case, communication with the software can be established using the USB port. When you have the AMS Suite you can connect using the USB and Wifi communication.

Upgrade Studio

As soon as you are in the Upgrade Studio, click on the Install updates. This is where you can find firmware, operation system, application, if you have new dd’s to install and so on. There doesn’t seem to be any clear documentation on Emerson’s website on how to use the software.

Below you have a video with more details about the AMS Trex communicator:


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