Expert’s answer: What to do with VEGAPULS 62 setup error message?

There are different reasons for this VEGAPULS 62 setup error message! You need to look through the possibilities and find out the real reason for the error.

Plus, check the technical manual of the VEGA PULS 62, there you have the troubleshooting list. That way, you can find more information about possibilities for the error.

Courtesy of VEGA

First, your error can be caused when you setup the level transmitter. The advice here is that you should come back to the basic configuration to be sure that you didn’t forget a step during the setting up.

Second, did you try to reset the device? The error can happen if you had a problem when you carried out a reset! In this case, try to repeat the procedure and check if the procedure is done without an error message appearing.

Third, the error can be a faulty false signal suppression. The recommendation here is that you run a  false signal suppression after the installation. For example, if you have a build-up in the wall of the tank or an agitator, the procedure should be done with the agitators running and the wall with build-up.

If you have more question you can directly contact the local support of Vega.

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