Vortex flow meter installation

Expert’s answer:

Ooh, ow, hotcha, vortex flow meter installation! Yeah, if you’ve got high temps, then you definitely need to factor that into your vortex setup. According to Emerson, you have two different ways you can do it with the Rosemount 8600.

As a utility vortex meter, it can measure liquid and steam. Totally irrelevant, but for those of you who’ve never seen one, check it out. The guys obviously modeled it after a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but they forgot the tiny arms!

Vortex flow meter installation
Rosemount 8600 (tiny T. Rex with no arms) – courtesy of Emerson

Anyway, when you have high temps, you need to set up the 8600 in one of the positions below:

Vortex flow meter installation
High-temperature installations – courtesy of Emerson

Yeah, they recommend installing it head up for the best results, but the material covering your pipe will interfere. Don’t worry, one of these setups will still give you good results.

Now hold on, don’t run off yet! You also need to make sure you have straight pipe before and after the flow meter. Okay, now you can go! Get that vortex online!

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