Expert’s answer: What applications suit vortex flow meters in low flow profile?

So, you want to know what applications suit vortex flow meters in low flow profile? All flow meters have limitations. It’s important to understand your process and the accuracy required for it before selecting a flow meter.  Vortex flow meters have a broad range of applications in gases and liquids, but they all need a minimum velocity to begin measurement. Once your Reynolds number goes below 20,000 (15,000 for gases and steam), the K-factor becomes non-linear. The non-linearity depends on the process fluid’s density and viscosity.

Vortex flow meters in low flow profile
Vortex flow meter

Usually, the manufacturer will send a simulation report, explaining the behavior of the flow meter in the process condition. So when you or your engineers purchased a vortex for your process, you should have received some sort of data regarding the limitation on the flow measurement.

You may need to add another flow meter to the process for the low profile measurement. This kind of implementation is typical when you have a low profile and you need the full range measurement. A thermal flow meter should take care of the low profile, leaving the vortex to measure the flow.

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