Expert’s answer: Vortex for steam measurement

Ah, yes – vortex for steam measurement. Now, you can find many devices to apply in a steam application. So most companies go with multivariable transmitters. And there are some good ones, depending on the brand.

However, these devices need primary elements, which often bring a host of problems. For example, if you choose an orifice plate, then you’ll find a rather user-unfriendly installation. Also, primary elements usually come with tedious and complex calibration and verification.

But Vortex flow meters provide the best solutions for steam in today’s market. To start with, they offer faster diagnostics. And most of the devices today even have self-diagnostic functions.

Furthermore, the vendors guarantee the accuracy and stability. That means that you won’t need to calibrate the device every year.

Last but not least, a broad range of vortex flow meters come with steam quality measurement! And you can use this feature to improve your steam production.

Vortex meters on the market:

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