Expert’s answer: Vortex limitations for air flow measurement

Yes, there are some Vortex limitations. But the vortex flow meter works great in a variety of applications. Regardless, you need to consider your process requirements to find the best flow device for your process. Your own preferences should factor in too!

Vortex limitations
Vortex flow meter – Courtesy of ABB

I expect the limitation revolves around the low flow rate. You should know the vortex won’t measure from 0 to 100 percent of your flow range. You see, it needs a minimum velocity to create the vortex. Furthermore, most vortex meters won’t give you good accuracy in the low range.

Therefore, you may want to consider thermal flow meters for your application. The thermal flow meter offers you a good range and better  accuracy than other meters you might consider.

These companies offer vortex flow meters:

And check these for thermal flow meters:

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