Let’s start with some context. The EcoMeter, a low-budget level transmitter from Proteus, collects level data wirelessly. You can pick one of three models. While their specs differ, they all will measure up to three meters in a cistern up to 19,999 liters in volume. (Note that the vendor requires a minimum of 15 centimeters between the sensor and the maximum level.)


image for ecometer
Image courtesy of e-sensorix.com

As for communication, yes, the metal lid can attenuate the wireless signal. However, you only need to install a remote antenna with an extension cable to get around this problem.

The Proteus EcoMeter as a well water level transmitter

The Proteus EcoMeter is an ideal water well level transmitter because it has an optional cable to connect the sensor to the antenna. Then you can install the antenna outside the tank with the sensor inside. Now, the cable only reaches up to nine meters, but this installation will ensure your reliable communication.

You also have a few ways to install the sensor, depending on your structure and application. But in general, your tank needs to sit within range, your sensor needs enough distance from the cistern wall, and you need a good signal for your communication.


Water well level transmitter installation

proteus ecometer well water level transmitter installation diagram
Image courtesy of EcoMeter installation guide

Alternatives for well water level measurement

If you decide the EcoMeter won’t work for your application, you can find many alternative devices for well water level measurement. I picked two examples, so let’s take a look.

FMR10 from Endress+Hauser as a water level transmitter

This entry-level radar level transmitter has all the benefits of radar technology, plus you can set it up and see all the data using the SmartBlue App with the built-in Bluetooth protocol. It can work with analog and HART communication too if you need those instead to integrate it into your control system and check your data.

If you want to learn more about the FMR10, then read our product review here.

Senz2 radar level transmitter

Another good solution, the compact Senz2 has an internal battery and GSM communication, making all your data available through an internet portal.

Here, if you change your metal lid to a polymer one, then you can install the device outside the cistern. Because of its technology, it can measure through the polymer lid without any problems.

You can read more about the Senz2 in our product review. Be sure to watch our video review at the end too!

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