FieldCare and Endress + Hauser’s HeartBeat Technology are two ways of monitoring the condition of flow meters without removing the piping. This saves a lot of time and money on recalibration, downtime and disassembling. This article will tell you when to use which one.

A web server with Heartbeat technology will give you a basic report that tells you what tests your flow meter passed or failed. So most of the time, this report will suffice to tell you if your meter works properly.

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If you want more details about your meter’s conditions, then you need  FieldCare. In FieldCare, you’ll get the real value of each variable, like coil values and your low and high limits.

FieldCare also makes it possible to create graphics from your diagnostic data. So, every time you run a verification, you create a point in the graphic. The graphic will help you follow the flow meter’s conditions. That way, you can spot a decrease in efficiency or corrosion in the tube or any number of other issues.

To know more about Heartbeat Technology, please ask our engineers!

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