Expert’s answer: PROMASS 200 and Flow Meters Go Wireless

Hi there, the answer is yes, you can make PROMASS 200 and flow meters go wireless!

If your Promass 200 is a HART version, then you can implement the wireless adapter into the flow meter. You can actually transform all HART devices and sometimes 4-20 mA devices to wireless. How cool is that?

The wireless adapter will read the HART information and then send the process values to the gateway. The Promass 200 is a loop-powered device, which means that with the same pair of cables you will have both signal and power.

Wireless HART and PROMASS 200
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

If the wireless adapter has a battery, it can provide the energy for the flow meter. But the downside is that the update time can affect duration of the battery.

In such case, the best solution would be to have a solar panel which provides energy for a flow meter or for both devices (a flow meter and a wireless adapter).

By the way, San Francisco is fully switching to solar energy and all new buildings there are fitted with rooftop solar panels. Solar energy is definitely the future, so having a solar panel for your flow meter should be feasible.

Such panel will power up the flow meter, and the flow measurement will be constant. Then the wireless will only send the process values and diagnostic to the gateway, which will make the process flawless and enjoyable.

Want more information? If so, check the market’s current wireless solutions here:

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