Expert’s answer: Yokogawa AXR limitations

Loop-powered magmeters like Yokogawa AXR have surprisingly few limits. Sometimes, you won’t have a two-wire device in the exact size or accuracy you need from one manufacturer or another, but that’s about it.

Today, most of the options on the market offer the same level of quality that as a four-wire device. For a new application, you should use a loop-powered device to save money on the installation.

Yokogawa AXR
Yokogawa ADMAG AXR – Courtesy of Yokogawa

However, when we talk about loop-powered Coriolis meters, we still have size limits. Sometimes you’ll run into a “fake” loop-powered device, where you have to install a converter to have the 4-20 mA.

So in your case, you can install a loop-powered magmeter without fear and reduce your installation costs!

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