Flow direction is not a big issue for the Yokogawa ROTAMASS but you should check your device setup in your distributed control system. So, start with the flow meter’s physical installation. Note that if you installed it wrong, the measurements will be off and subsequently, the configuration won’t make sense.

Here, we have a flow meter with a direction indicator:

Yokogawa ROTAMASS flow direction diagram
Yokogawa Coriolis

Next, look at the configuration, specifically the “flow direction function.” There you can set the measurement for forward or reverse. In Section 7.17 of the manual, you’ll find that ifReverse is selected, the flow direction in the other direction of the arrow on the detector is used as positive values of flow.”

At last, check the flow direction for each type of output. As you can see below, several factors can affect your output.

Yokogawa ROTAMASS flow direction user manual
Pulse 1 select  for forward flow and reverse

Now, if you need more help, it’s may be time to revisit the old user manual.

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