Are your devices stressed?

Are your devices stressed? -Visaya Weekly Episode 43

Hello Visaya, German here!

If you have been to Ikea you have probably seen this!

Fake butts testing the durability of a Poäng.

Well, it’s true that if my chair fails I will get hurt but without any major consequences. On the contrary, if your devices or your instruments fail? Well, that is a different story. Processes and even people could be at risk.

We have talked in the past about diagnostics and smart devices and how these features can increase the safety and reliability of your devices.

These instruments are physical objects that are often installed outside and under some rough conditions.

Sensors are exposed to process conditions with high pressures, high temperatures, and process fluids that are corrosive and erosive.

We wanted to see how instrumentation suppliers actually make sure that this instruments will work.

Stress testing Ikea
Courtesy of IKEA

For this, we took a small trip to Malburg in the south of Germany to see the level switch testing facilities from Endress+Hauser.

We got the chance to see how these products are actually tested.

They do all kind of tests. For example, end of life tests to check how many cycles the devices can last. This sort of test can last months even years.

They expose devices to different environmental conditions like salt, UV radiation, and high-pressure water to check the housings.

They check if the housings will withstand the environmental conditions in places like offshore platforms. On offshore platforms, devices will be exposed to heavy rain, sun, and salt could damage them.

They also check the quality of the fork prongs for build up and bending. They check if sensors will work even under unlikely conditions.

So the next time you are sitting on your Poäng, wondering if your devices will work properly in your application? Well, you don’t have to worry!

Instrumentation suppliers are making sure to stress test these devices before they get to your plant.

As always stay safe. Thank you for watching and remember to subscribe. I will see you next week.

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