How to choose the best vibrational fork for a dinner date! Visaya Weekly Episode 16

Looking for affordable level measurement, or want to avoid any overspilling in you tank farm? Well, this is the place to be. Here in Visaya we are always ready and talk about process automation and instrumentation.

Well then let’s get this thing going!

What we have here are not dining forks Obviously, but vibrational forks also know in the industry as levels switches.

For the last month, we talked level measurement and all the different technologies available in the market. But what if for any reason this measurement fail?

Well, this is when vibrating forks come in handy.  Level switches vibrate at its natural frequency thanks to the piezoelectric actuator when the prongs get in contact with the products in the tanks this frequency changes. In this case, you can have an on of signal that will shut down a pump or open a valve avoiding overspills or leakages.

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