Is Bluetooth 5 the Future of Field Wireless Connectivity? Visaya Weekly Episode 12.

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Everybody is talking about the internet of things, industry 4.0 and wireless connectivity! How devices will be connected to each other and to the cloud or to something as simple as your smartphone.

As far as wireless connectivity Bluetooth is one of the most broadly used technologies, but there were some limitations when it came to speed and range!

Limiting its applications, for example, you may have noticed that when you are using your Bluetooth headset, the sound may be delayed or interrupted when you move away from your device!

Or if you think about industrial applications like level measurement, you really need to be close to the device in order to connect it with your app and setup the device.

Well now with Bluetooth 5.0 these are problems of past! There are 3 things that make Bluetooth 5.0 much better than before. Check the video to find out more

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