Can you share lemonade digitally? The awesome future of the digital twin. -Visaya Weekly episode 17.

How is it possible to send digital lemonade to your friends?

Hey Guys German Here from Visaya.

Well, today if you want to get a lemonade you are better off going to the lemonade stand. Nevertheless, the concept that will allow us to someday have a digital glass of lemonade is being implemented today within the realm of IoT

This is the concept of a digital twin, by using sensors, like the pH sensor in this video you can measure all the information of a product or object and upload it to the cloud.

This way you get access to this information anywhere and download it when you need a fresh glass of lemonade.

Using the digital twin companies can really optimize how people select and buy products. With this revolutionary concept, companies can produce goods customized to their customer’s preferences.

Siemens has a concept of a Digital Fruit Bar in which anyone can personalize their drink to their taste,  and all of this happens in real time thanks to the digital twin that has all the data of your favorite lemonade stored online.

The future looks really promising, for the time being, I still need to find where to squeeze these lemons.

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