Did we just build an instrument using lego bricks? – Visaya Weekly episode 36

Hello guys, German here again from Visaya.

Today we are building an instrument using Lego Bricks, follow up and try to figure out what device we are building.

Thank you until next time.

differential pressure transmitters - LEGO Bricks
Courtesy of LEGO and GE Power Conversion

Pressure is the measurement of a force {Force icon} that is acting on a unit of area.


Atmospheric pressure (barometric pressure) is the pressure caused by the weight of the earth’s atmosphere.

Atmospheric pressure changes depending on geographical location, weather, and height

Hydrostatic Pressure is related to the weight of a column of fluid above a certain area.


Differential pressure is the difference in pressure between two points of measurement

Gauge pressure is measured relative to the local ambient or atmospheric pressure. It is the difference between the measured pressure and atmospheric pressure

Vacuum is pressure measured below atmospheric pressure, referenced to atmospheric pressure

Vacuum is negative gauge pressure

Perfect vacuum is zero absolute pressure and indicates the complete absence of any matter

Pressure is measured using force-summing devices that deform when pressure is applied

Bourdon tubes is the most common sensor used in mechanical pressure gauges

Strain-gauges are elements that transduce small deformations into voltage

Piezoelectric sensors are able to produce small voltages when crystals like Quartz are deformed.

Differential Pressure transmitters are an economical alternative for flow measurement

Bernoulli’s principle describes the dynamic relationship between pressure and fluid velocityρ

Differential Pressure transmitters are an economical alternative for level measurement

Differential Pressure uses hydrostatic pressure is used to measure level in tanks and vessels even in Vacuum  

Modern Pressure transmitters have wireless connectivity touch displays and other features.

Lego Bricks are made from melted ABS pellets.

150 bar of pressure is used to inject the melted ABS in metal molds to create the perfect LEGO pieces.

Check out Visaya.solutions for more information regarding pressure measurement and instrumentation.

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