How to fill up the tank of the OOCL Hong Kong, the world’s largest container ship? – Visaya Weekly Episode 24.

If you own a car you will be bound to stop by at least once a week at a gas station, depending on capacity and fuel consumption. An average car holds around 16 gallons of fuel (60 liters).

So if you are in Germany to fill up the tank of cars with the same fuel consumption will cost around 60 Euros, in the US would be 36 Euros And in Venezuela would be 16 cents, that’s kind of crazy!

Have you ever thought about how accurate is the measurement when you fill up your car? What about the temperature influence in the volume of gasoline.

In the United States, the National Institute of Standards and Technology states that the accuracy of the flow meters installed in fuel dispenser needs to be around 0.3% and temperature gradients of 30 degrees Celcius affect its volume up to 3%.

Ok, so but what if I don’t use a car to go to work, But I use something like this! The OOCL Hong Kong, the largest container ship in the world.

This little boat’s fuel consumption is about 21,200 gallons per day – the equivalent of 1300 cars. How do you fill the tank of this huge ship? Is there a fuel dispenser in the middle of the ocean?

To answer this we have to go to Singapore one of the biggest bunkering ports in the world. In the past dipping sticks were used to measure the level of fuel tanks and by mass was indirectly calculated using density and temperature compensation.

Now, with mass flow meters, you have a device that can measure directly the transferred fuel mass, additionally, Coriolis mass flow meters are able to measure temperature and density of the fluid.

If you want to learn more on how Coriolis flow meters work, check out this video.

So what are the benefits of bunker fuel metering systems?

The accuracy of bunkering fuel metering systems can be up to on 0.05% and with this system save up to 3 hours for each transfer operation.summing up to 2000 euros in savings.

Bunkering systems are completed with control cabinets that register all the transferring transactions. These cabinets comply local and international laws making the bunkering process trustworthy and transparent.

This is an example of how precise instrumentation allows an operation as fuel be more transfer efficient and convenient!

Go and check the last thing you bought and leave in the comment section below where it came from!  And think about how many kilometers it had to travel to get to you and about the crucial role instrumentation!

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