Limitless Processes – Smart Devices and Digital Communication | Visaya Weekly Episode 41

HART is a protocol that uses the 4.20 loop to send digital information between the control system and this new smart device. With HART, it is possible to share not only the measurement value but additional information like the device status and diagnostics.

From that point, new purely digital protocols have been developed like Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus.

To explain the difference a little more think about the advancement from a cassette tape to storing music in MP3 format.

Unfortunately, I will not have time to explain the difference between analog and digital in this video. Lets leave that for another time… Just know, that if you want to have your old cassette tapes in the cloud I think a balloon and a lot of helium is the best way to do it!

You may think that with 20 years in the market every plant in the world will have some kind of digital network with implemented diagnostics and verification.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not true, over 80% of smart devices sold use HART technology but only 20% of the data they produce is actually used.

There are some examples like Heartbeat technology from Endress+Hauser and Smart Meter Verification From Emerson between others that verify the status but this is done at the device level.

So what can we do now? How do we make processes smarter?

Where is this magic pill?

The fast answer will be IIoT or industrial internet of things but is not that simple.

There are plants that have more than 20-30 years of equipment. You probably will not be able to update the complete plant in one shot.

So it will more likely be a long treatment instead of just a pill. 

Everything starts with the sensors. The first step in the digital transformation is to install smart devices and using them to their full potential.

Then, you have to allow these smart devices to connect to control systems and IoT platforms. In this way, they are able to analyze this data and use it in order to improve the operations, maintenance and overall efficiency of your processes.  

When you are deciding to build an IIoT platform make sure its architecture is based on an architecture standard Like FDI OPC UA.

Only in this way you can guarantee that you can upgrade your system when new technologies come along. In the long run this will ensure that you can actually change between suppliers and you won’t have to depend on any proprietary technologies.

Even though the digital transformation can be a long process the most important thing is to start. Take the first step or pill.

What about an orange pill? A Visaya pill?

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This is German from Visaya thank you for watching see you next time!.

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