Past, Present and exciting Future of Mobile Devices – Visaya Weekly Episode 31

Hello, Visaya German here!

Two days ago the new iPhone Ten was released, and I’m not going to start talking about the features or if I want to be able to send a poop shaped Animoji.

What is really important about this release is that it marks 10 years since the release of the first iPhone, A device that disrupted businesses and has created new ways on how we interact and communicate!.

Actually, we use our phones as phones only 1 percent of the time. I actually struggle to remember how we actually lived and work before we had the mobile or smart phones.

When we started this video series I was asking diverse engineers what was an essential tool they had as field technicians and how they got support from the experts in the production facilities.

I remember, for example, professor Carlos Cotrino he told me how he had to use a FAX machine to communicate with the headquarters and of course this had to be done from the offices from Bogota so he had to call back the office send the fax wait for some hours till it was answered then go back to the field and check again and then iterate, iterate and iterate.

In the 1990s and beginning of the 21st century, we had cell phones that allowed technicians to perform calls send text messages and check to a certain point the internet from the field.

But that’s nothing compared with the possibilities we have today. Using smartphones like the new iPhone or Android devices like the Samsung S8 or the essential phone we can actually not only access information but check, configure and setup the field devices.

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Tim Cook stated that the iPhone Ten is the biggest leap since the original iPhone.

You may or not agree with this statement, but it really made me think about the future of smartphones. How industries like process automation will keep being disrupted by the evolution of mobile computing.

Smart headset with augmented reality capabilities will be delivered organized information about the assets in a plant helping technicians and engineers with the decision-making process, 

So what do you think will be future of smartphones and handheld devices? How will we interact with our devices in 10 years? Do you think the next flow meter will have Face-id technology?

Well, for that we will have to wait and see what comes next!

Thank you for watching

Till next time.

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