What if you could predict the future? Visaya Weekly Episode 23

Hello Visaya this is Germán.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been wondering about time, and how time has passed so fast since we started the website.

That you should totally check out right now or later after you finish this video.

In any case, all this reminiscing made me think about the future and what kind of crazy adventures we will have.

It will be really nice to be able to know what will happen in the future, this way I could have taken different investment decisions, you could find out who will take the Iron Throne or I could have avoided the consequences of that dodgy food stand from yesterday

Unfortunately, premonition or predicting the future is something reserved for TV Scams and science fiction…

But is it…

Actually, there are some fields that have worked for years in order to predict the future, You can see how  in science they use mathematical models and simulations to predict natural disasters, the weather forecast, and according to Google,

What will Apple launch next since it seems is the only thing the internet cares about!

But is not only in science, finance and sports also use models to try to predict the performance of stocks, cryptocurrencies and the right hand of Roger Federer, even if I believe that there is no model that could explain how he is able to play as well as he does even today

And again I would be really happy to be able to predict the future since we are shooting this episode on the 14th of July and in just a couple of hours he will be playing the Wimbledon’s semi-final and I would like to know if I’ve jinxed it or if he will be claiming his 8th title there!

Talking about Wimbledon, Wimbeldon is the oldest of the tennis grand slams dating 1877 in London, in this period England was an economic power thanks to the invention of the steam engine and the 1st industrial revolution.  

I don’t think people of that time would have been able to predict what is happening now exactly 140 years after.

Today we are entering the 4th industrial revolution in which the digital and industrial worlds are coming together, opening new opportunities for factories and plants.

Courtesy of Honeywell

A world in which data is king! Which data? Well, all the data collected by the hundreds of sensors you have installed in your plant today.

These sensors are connected to each other and to different hosting systems like the traditional  PLCs (Programmable logic controller)and SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) systems or newer solutions like cloud storage system or apps.

This network of sensors or things is known as the internet of things or IoT and since we are in the industrial world we are talking about the Industrial internet of things or IIoT.

The benefits of this technology are immense and talking about all of them in one video will be impossible. but one thing is true, this technology will shape the future of our industry and of ourselves, it may actually give us the ability to predict the future!

Since the beginning of time or the beginning of engineering, we have devoted our time and effort to one thing avoid failure. We design, maintain and repair the things we build and manufacture so that they don’t fail.

In the 70s the airline industry and US Navy created this curves that try to explain how assets fail.

Courtesy of IBM Watson

That has worked, but the maintenance cycles are expensive and is not a very efficient process.

The concept of smart devices and diagnostics has been around for around 10 years, but only 23% of the data produced by these devices is actually used. Well but this is changing with new IoT platforms

Well but this is changing with new IoT platforms like Mindsphere and Predix.

These data are stored and transformed into knowledge then used by engineers to predict when an asset or component may fail so that predictive maintenance is done in the most efficient way. Avoiding failures, reducing or avoiding downtime, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

So now that my plant is working properly I can go and watch the thrilling tennis match.

Like always thank you for watching see you next week.

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