The secrets of vortex induced vibrations -Visaya Weekly Episode 21

Have you noticed that industrial chimneys have this screw shape around them? When the chimney is subjected to the wind the surface may produce phenomena called vortex shedding or the Karman vortex.

If the chimney doesn’t have this screw shape on the surface the chimney will oscillate at it could collapse hurting the people around it stopping the process, or even worse it could kill Santa ruining Christmas, and then who will bring me fidget spinners I need my fidget spinners.

Ok anyway, this can be seen also in some new thermowell especially for heavy duty industries. that use this elliptical screw shape to generate asymmetrical flow around the thermowell surface avoiding the vortex shedding and vibration.

In a previous video, I explained that there are configuration tools and standards that help you dimension the thermowells, I just want to let you know that this kind of thermowells are not part of this standard.


But there is an instrument that actually uses the Karman vortex street as an advantage.

The vortex flowmeter.

The frequency of the shredded vortices is proportional to the flow velocity inside the pipe and using the cross section of the pipe it is possible to calculate the volumetric flow.

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Vortex flow meter installation

If you are considering vortex flowmeters just take into consideration that you will need straight paths up and downstream, for low-velocity fluids you will need to use pipe reductions that will cause pressure drops.

And if you want to measure the flow of wine you should try not tho stir it too much. so vortex flowmeters are not the best option so!

So this is a question for the experts out there! If want we want to measure wine flow, what instrument would you use? leave your comments below or Tweet us @visayasolutions with your answers!

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