Visaya Trivia – The Process Automation Game Show. Visaya Weekly Episode 39

Hello, I am German and welcome to Visaya’s Game Show.

In this show, we have two contestants going head to head finding information on devices. One contestant will only have access to Visaya’s website while the other will have access to any site on the web except Visaya’s. Whoever reaches the answer first is the winner of the challenge.

Ok everyone without further ado let’s get started.

Challenge 1:

A customer from a family owned brewery company is calling you and needs new devices for his plant.
Here is the catch, he only uses a tablet to configure all of his devices. At the moment he has the Vegapuls 64 for level measurement. He wants to know if there are solutions like this for pressure and flow as well.

The winner will be the one that finds 3 other devices that use wireless connectivity and can be configured using a smartphone.

And the winner is Bailey!
She found the WIKA CPG 1500 digital pressure gauge and the proline Promass I 300 Coriolis flowmeter from Endress+Hauser.

Challenge 2

Your plant is undergoing an upgrade and they are updating a complete unit. They plan to use Foundation Fieldbus as the communication protocol. You will need Coriolis flowmeters for this new unit and you have some ABBs FCB450 series in your storage.

The winner of this challenge will be the one that can tell me if this ABB flowmeter will work in the new unit.

And the winner is Bailey.

The  ABBs FCB450 CoriolisMaster works only with HART

Challenge 3:

This is a mobile task.

You have to find the answer using your smartphone.

Your boss called you and she needs to have the spec sheets for 2 similar ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters on her desk right away. The first one that finds the spec sheets will win this challenge.

That is 3 for 3. Bailey wins with a perfect score. How do you feel about your victory?

Challenge 4:

Ok for this challenge I will put 30 seconds on the clock. Your plant is going through a complete update and is thinking about updating all its existing temperature transmitters to wireless temperature transmitters.

You have 30 seconds to find 5 temperature transmitters that have wireless connectivity.

Well, there you have it, folks. Today the winner of the challenges is Bailey and the Visaya Device Directory. Be sure check it out on our site for quick specs, manual downloads, related articles and other helpful information. As always thank you for watching remember to subscribe. Bye

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